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At 1 Exam Prep, we have the proven process of passing any open book contractor exam. With our Blended Format, we mix online basic instruction with face-to-face instruction to obtain the perfect mix for EVERY type of student who is attempting to obtain a contractors license. Our $300 course gives you:

  1. One (1) year of access to our online course & classroom classes that include updated information from feedback from our students. Our classroom classes are available to all students at no extra cost, they are included with your tuition. These classroom classes are not mandatory but are very helpful.
  2. Highlighting and tabbing locations for every required book. THE ACTUAL TABS (BLANK OR PREPRINTED) ARE AT AN EXTRA COST. ($25 for 375 blank tabs, or $50-$100 for preprinted tabs, depending on your course.)
  3. 1,000+ practice questions. We base these per book so you can understand which questions come from which book to better know where to find the answer, as well as final exams to reinforce your test taking skills.
  4. Over an hour of videos and reading material of test taking techniques, which from our feedback is the most effective part of any open book exam.
  5. Your instructor(s) will be available via text, phone call, email. We also have a price match guarantee and will beat any price on the books.


Florida Irrigation Contractor Exam Preparation

  • 4th Wednesday of every month (for 1 year)
  • Class: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    What State Irrigation Exam Prep includes:

  • Highlight & Tab locations for all of the references books
  • 1 hour test taking techniques and book overview videos
  • Practice Exams with 1,000+ Practice Questions
  • Instructional Videos

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