Continental Chicago 302 Brick Masonry Contractor B Card - Online Exam Prep Course


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City of Chicago Brick Masonry Contractor - Card B

This online exam prep course will cover the topics listed below. Books are NOT included in price of exam prep.

 Our Contractor Licensing Exam Prep courses cover the following:

  • Tab and highlight locations for all books
  • Hundreds of practice questions depending on number of books for your exam
  • Test taking skills videos
  • Instructional videos
  • Mathematical instructional videos ( if applicable)

B Card Concrete Masonry Contractors

I. Masonry Materials 17% of Examination

II. Masonry Installations 25% of Examination

III. Masonry Tools, Equipment & Fasteners 14% of Examination

IV. Quantity Surveying & Estimating 11% of Examination

V. Business Math 11% of Examination

VI. Safety Regulations 23% of Examination


 Recommended Study Materials 

 References for B Card Examinations

1. Masonry Skills, Sixth Edition (2008) Also supported by 5th Edition (2003) 

2. Concrete Masonry Handbook for Architects, Engineers and Builders, Sixth Edition, 2008

3. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926 (OSHA).

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